Course Planning Guides:

The Course Planning Guide (CPG) assists the student in planning a course of study to complete the program as expected. A sample CPG is available to assist with planning.

Entering Fall 2011 and later:

Entering Fall 2010 and earlier:

While the paper CPG is a useful goal-planning tool, all students are required to tally courses taken on the electronic worksheets located at the Penn InTouch Web site.

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Second Major in CBS

Option for students in the College of Arts and Sciences

College Students can apply for a second major in Chemical and Biomolecular Sciences (note that this option is only for students in the College, not Engineering students). The requirements are as follows:

  • CBE 160 Introduction to Chemical Engineering
  • CBE 230 Material & Energy Balances
  • CBE 231 Thermodynamics of Fluids
  • CBE 350 Fluids Mechanics
  • CBE 351 Heat & Mass Transfer
  • CBE 353 Advanced Chemical Engineering Science
  • CBE 371 Separation Processes  
  • CBE 400 Introduction to Product Design
  • CBE 451 Chemical Reactor Design
  • CBE 460 Chemical Process Control
  • CBE Upper Level Elective (300+)
  • CBE Upper Level Elective (300+)


Students interested in applying should meet with Dr. Wen Shieh to review goals and gain permission.