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Students who choose Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering come to Penn eager to tackle real-world problems. They relish the challenges posed by math, chemistry, physics, and the biological sciences.

A major in chemical and biomolecular engineering opens a wide range of opportunities. The Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering program teaches them to think across length scales that span from the molecular to the macroscopic. It enables them to move from studying chemical reactions at the nanoscale to designing industrial plants. Our graduates may move on to discover a unique molecular reaction in a cell, or they may develop a method to deliver a drug to that cell. Both our undergraduate and graduate students are uniquely positioned to influence the worlds of business, medicine, industry, and the environment and to advance to the highest levels of research and academia.

Undergraduate Spotlight

Colin Richter Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Class of 2018

Colin Pursues Diverse Interests

Colin Richter is a senior in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (CBE), who comes from the small town of Dyer, IN. The town is a short 45-minute drive from Chicago, which he proudly calls home. A young man with many interests, he was very active in high school playing tennis and participating in the orchestra as a percussionist. He also developed a deep interest in STEM from an early age, which was a bit of an unexpected move as his father is a dentist and his mother worked in marketing.

While in high school, physics and chemistry courses were among his favorites.  Colin got his first real taste of engineering participating in his school's Science Olympiad. He was an avid member of the Science Olympiad team and eventually became captain, where he continued designing and engineering projects in both physics and chemistry.

When deciding where to pursue his education after high school, Colin chose Penn because of the diversity it allows its students. Although Colin's heart lies with Chemical Engineering, he relishes the opportunity to take other courses in different fields. In addition to his CBE major, Colin is pursuing minors in MEAM and Engineering Entrepreneurship.

Outside of engineering, Colin enjoys competitive ballroom dance; his eyes light up as he talks about the art of dancing.  During his freshman year, he discovered ballroom dancing, while at one of the NSO events. At that time, he was apprehensive about dancing, but now has found a unique pleasure in the technicality involved in ballroom dancing. He is currently the president of Penn Latin and Ballroom Dance, one of the largest clubs at Penn.  He hopes to continue dancing with other teams, after leaving Penn.

As for the future, Colin has already accepted a job offer after graduation.  He will be working as a technical problem solver for Epic, a healthcare software company in Madison, WI. His role will be aiding client hospitals as their expert in the software. He never thought his career would take this path, but it makes sense. It is the perfect way to use his knowledge of Chemical Engineering, as well as the invaluable problem solving skills he acquired at Penn.

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