Alan L. Myers

Professor Emeritus
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

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Research Expertise: Adsorptive Separation of Mixtures | Gas Storage by Adsorption | Thermodynamics and Molecular Simulation of Adsorption.

Honors and Awards:

Founder Award, International Adsorption Society – 2010.

Award for Excellence in Industrial Gases Technology, American Institute of Chemical Engineers – 1997.

Fellowship Award at University of Tokyo, Japan Society for Promotion of Science – 1986.

S. Reid Warren Award for Distinguished Teaching, University of Pennsylvania – 1983.

Distinguished Alumnus Award, University of Cincinnati – 1971.

Exchange Scientist Award, US/USSR Academy of Sciences – 1970.


B.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Cincinnati – 1960

Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, University of California at Berkeley – 1964

Recent Publications:

A.L. Myers and P.A. Monson, “Physical adsorption of gases: the case for absolute adsorption as the basis for thermodynamic analysis”, Adsorption 20, 591-622 (2014).

S. Bhatia and A.L. Myers, “Optimum conditions for adsorptive storage, Langmuir 22, 1688-1700 (2006).

A.L. Myers and P.A. Monson, “Adsorption in porous materials at high pressure: theory and experiment”, Langmuir 18, 10261-10273 (2002).

A.L. Myers, “Thermodynamics of adsorption in porous materials, AIChE J. 48, 145-160 (2002).

A.L. Myers and F. Siperstein, “Mixed-gas adsorption”, AIChE J. 47, 1141-1149 (2001).


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