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  Vijay Kumar Named Dean of Penn Engineering
Penn President Amy Gutmann announced that Vijay Kumar will be the next dean of Penn Engineering, effective July 1, 2015. Provost Vincent Price called him a person of "experience and vision." The selection of Dr. Kumar, UPS Foundation Professor, successfully concludes a comprehensive search to find a successor to Eduardo Glandt.
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  Penn Engineering Plan Filters Wastewater Produced By Fracking
A team of Penn engineers are the recipients of a National Science Foundation “Scalable Nanomanufacturing Award” for their innovative proposal to clean up wastewater. The grant provides the team with $1.3 million over the next four years to refine their nanomembrane design and develop scalable production methods.
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  Penn Engineers Show Commonalities in How Different Glassy Materials Fail
Researchers at Penn Engineering have now shown an important commonality that seems to extend through the range of glassy materials. They have demonstrated that the scaling between a glassy material’s stiffness and strength remains unchanged, implying a constant critical strain that these materials can withstand before catastrophic failure, despite the extreme variation found among this class of material’s physical properties.
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  Penn Engineers Use 'Soft' Nanoparticles to Model Behavior at Interfaces
A team of Penn Engineers has now shown how to make nanoparticles that are attracted to this interface but not to each other, creating a system that acts as a two-dimensional liquid. By measuring this liquid’s pressure and density, they have shown a way forward in using it for a variety of applications, such as in nanomanufacturing, catalysis and photonic devices.

Did you know?

The Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Science is the oldest continuously operating degree-granting program in chemical engineering in the U.S. Learn more about this photo!

Bubbles for Medicine

"I tell my children that I am working with bubbles and they think I have the best job in the world – which I do!" says Daeyeon Lee, Associate Professor of CBE. By learning how to modify the air and water interface, Lee is able to make "perfect" bubbles that have potential to enhance biomedical imaging and ultrasound therapy. Learn more!

Crystals That Can Switch Configurations

John Crocker’s team has made a crystal that rearranges itself into a stronger, more stable configuration, all by changing the mix of DNA strands on the spheres' exterior.Check it out!